Authorized MTU service center

Emergency interventions and repairs

Overhaul of diesel and gas MTU engines

Automation system service

Delivery of original MTU parts

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    Authorized MTU service center
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    Emergency interventions and repairs
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    Overhaul of diesel and gas MTU engines
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    Automation system service
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    Delivery of original MTU parts

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Completed projects

Completed Projects

1QL4 – 16V 4000 M40B

Motor yacht Fincaniteri 140m
Complete QL4 overhaul of 16V 4000 M40B engine inside engine room, exchange of crankshaft.
Return of overhauled components back into vessel, asslembling and testing.
Completed Projects


Repowering of series 642/643 locomotives.
Supporting during project phase, developing and following the prototype during all phases.
Connecting of generator with engine, support during installation, inspection and commissioning.
Testing and improving, 12 locomotives in total.
Completed Projects

3MTU 6R 183 TE92

Workshop W5 engine repair 6R 183 TE92.
Complete disassembly, an inspection of all assemblies, replacement of all filters, cleaning, testing and assembly of heat exchangers, air coolers and oil coolers.
Assembly, testing, and delivery to the customer.
Completed Projects

4QL4 – 16V 2000 M91

QL4 overhaul of 16V 2000 M91 engine after damage.
Due to narrow space, complete engine was disassembled and removed from engine room in pieces.
Exchange of crankshaft, crankcase machining and return of overhauled components back into vessel.
Asslembling and testing.
Completed Projects

5QL3 - 16V 4000 M73L

Disassembling all components specified for overhaul, removing from the engine room, transport to workshop.
Workshop overhaul, preparing for installation, painting and transport to the engine room.
Assembling and testing.

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I very much look forward to using Motorpoint services again during our next scheduled engine overhaul.

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78 Meters M/Y

I would recommend Motorpoint to anyone needing such service they provide. They are competitive in pricing, reliability, the quality of their work.

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I already did recommend service to a couple of my friends. Today is not easy to find a company that is there when you need them

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Motorpoint is the most reliable partner for MTU engines globally, and we are delighted with service and labour costs.

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