Engine repair


•General repair W6 MTU 16V 396 TE74L ENGINES.


Motorpoint service department


Motorpoint workshop

Pick-up and transport

Following the agreement with the client from the shipyard warehouse, we performed the takeover and transport of MTU 16V 396 AND 74L engines in the Motorpoint workshop for reconstruction according to the W6 standard.
* * review and reparation according to W6 * *

After the inspection and initial rough cleaning, engine dismantling, detailed cleaning of all components and parts and detailed inspection started.
Upon dismantling all adjacent parts and components, our staff performed delicate washing, brushing, and inspection of the housing.

After inspecting the engine's condition and damage by the vessel inspector, our technicians sent the engine casing for inspection and further laser surveys to the company specialising in reparation.
An engine dismantling, complete dismantling and turbocharger inspection was performed.
Following the standard scope of work of the W6 service, the reparation of the VT fuel pump is envisaged with the replacement of all beds and sealed material.

Engine assembly and delivery to the customer

After returning the drones and engine blocks from the machine processing, engine stacking started, paying particular attention to permitted deviations. After completing the match, our team sent the engine to trial bench testing, where the engine met all load regimes.
Upon returning to the workshop, the engine was installed onboard and tested during the test voyage.

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